What I am about to say has nothing to do with the pulmonary artery or cerebellum that is found in our brains. This is definitely not a biology lesson. This is about the war sometimes one goes through within her or himself.

Have you ever loved somebody so much despite their bad behaviour? You know the guy is definitely no good but your heart longs for him. It’s true when they say the heart wants what it wants. You know pretty well this guy is a black sheep; even his old man is close to disowning him.

My heart lately has been telling me something I’ve been afraid of. I am afraid of falling in love. Yep it looks like my heart got hit by Cupid’s arrow. That guy had stolen my heart and he is definitely a kleptomaniac. When I love somebody genuine, I love too much. I invest all of me. I am capable of self-sacrifice and I think I would catch a bullet for that nigga.

I know he’d never do the same. I learnt something; if you show somebody how much you love them they shove it down to your throat. They see you as a play thing. I’ve always been the type that has a difficult time expressing love. Love weakens me and I hate being needy.

Then boom! My mind is saying another story. It tells me I should get an award for being the dumb-ass chick of the year for believing that nigga loves me. I’ve been thinking with my heart and that’s why I am going to be always weeping as if I am a widow or something.
The guy is a Casanova and I am sure he’s probably flirting with some older and fine lady somewhere far from here.

You’re just a sitting duck, a little girlfriend that he will outsmart with sweet words. Foolish girl, you’re sitting thinking about the inconsiderate bastard. Whenever he is, does he think of you? If he thinks of you he would call you or answer your texts. Who knows? Maybe he is with his main chick and you think you are the main chick, when you are one of his girls. You’re definitely not top of the list, maybe you’re number last.

I hate lies and deceit. Whenever you lied to me and I find out, to be frank, I do not respond pretty well. I felt like I was losing my brains and you will definitely see me in my She-Hulk form. I do not like being made happy with lies, I’d rather be hurt by the truth. I am a big girl, honestly I will be hurt but I will be OK.