“Mom, you have to believe me, I didn’t do it! Please, Mom,” I beg, with my eyes filled with tears and a huge lump in my throat. I am sitting before my mother, who has a look of disappointment and disgust on her face. Thinking my mom believes my stepdad over her own daughter she’s known since birth crushes my heart. I can’t believe this is happening to me right now. What is she failing to understand here? Isn’t it obvious to see that I’m no longer the same person? The signs are glaring but she’s turning a blind eye. Why would I even accuse him of such a bizarre thing? What will I gain from making such huge accusations? I wasn’t against their relationship when it started and she knows that!

“Listen to me, Kenosi, carefully! Dare accuse your father of such nonsense, you are out of my house! Do you hear me?” She glares at me with a deadly look, sizing me up, and I cringe at every harsh breath she takes in out of fury.

“But he did rape me, Mom!” I whisper, more to myself than to her, and sigh, letting a fresh set of tears escape my red eyes.

“Another word from you and you are as good as dead. Why don’t you want to see me happy, huh? Why is it that when I’m at my happiest you want to stand in my way?! Don’t I deserve a good life after everything that your father put me through? Where does it hurt in you when I smile, huh?” She throws daggers at me, still holding the belt she whipped me senselessly with. I remain quiet as I know that, should I respond, I would be opening an assortment of problems.

“Wipe your disgusting face and go apologise to your father for being such an ungrateful brat!”

I quickly wipe my mucus and tear-filled face with the back of both my hands.

“Stand up and move it!”

I literally jump and run to the main bedroom to ‘apologise’ for something I shouldn’t apologise for. Why should I apologise for confiding in my mom? I don’t get how I am the one painted red when I’m the one wronged.

“Dad, sorry for accusing you of rape. I promise it won’t happen again.” I manage to talk in between my sobs. He releases a wicked smug smile on his face and winks.

“I warned you against doing what you did but you did it anyway and for that, you’ll receive the punishment you deserve in due time. Now be a good girl and go to your room. Practise confidentiality and loyalty. I think you need those lessons.”

I leave as quickly as I can to my room. I lock my door, throw myself on the bed, and start weeping.

“I can’t live like this any more! I can’t do it! It’s too much!” I say to myself.

Tell us: what are your thoughts about the mother’s reaction towards her daughter’s rape accusations?