My dream husband, my heart stealer, my everything, my soulmate I thought, but he still broke my heart.

It all started when I was in high school. There was this handsome, short and sweet boy named Luh. He wasn’t popular, but surely hot, and yes I am hot too. He started pursuing me, but I was scared of boys so I avoided him.

Term 3 began and he wasn’t approaching me anymore so I confessed to my friends that I had a crush on him. Fundi, my friend, told him, and he came and asked me to be his girlfriend; as expected I agreed.

We were so in love. He’d come to my class in the morning, at lunchbreak and after school too. He introduced me to his classmates and siblings. I was so happy.

Then one day walking on the street, hand in hand, my brother saw us and came up to us. I was so scared. My schoolmates came closer because they knew there was a fight about to happen.

My brother slapped Luh. I apologised to my love, but I was scared to go home. Surprisingly, my brother acted like nothing happened.

The next day Luh asked me to kiss him and that was last. I was single the whole year in grade 9 waiting for him even though I saw him every day with other girls. When grade 10 began, I was tired of waiting.

I then met another guy, Nhlanhla. He was a God send, but every time I wanted to kiss him I felt like I was cheating on Luh, but ngjole naye whenever he wanted to.

I then heard that he was dating a new girl. He now acts like he doesn’t know me or that I’m kind of rubbish. I left him for the last time because I knew if he were to come to me I’d date him as his side chick because I love him a lot and cannot move on.

Some say he bewitched me because he drives me crazy. I need to move on, but I am stuck.


Tell us: What positive advice do you have for the writer to move on from Luh?