A long time ago, there was a man called Lindani. He was the second child of his mother, the first child died in a burning hospital in the Northern Cape where they lived.

One year later, after they buried his brother, Lindani applied for school at the University of Fort Hare in the Eastern Cape. One day his mother told him to go to the university and find out what happened to his application

He called his uncle and asked for some money to travel. His uncle gave him four thousand rand so he can travel from province to province. He left the same day he received the money.

The following day Lindani arrived at the university, at first he was nervous but he went in. He went into the university offices where he met two white women chatting.

He greeted and asked about his application. One of the women told him that the school was full of learners so they can’t accept him because there was no space for him.

He went back home feeling sad and angry. He told his family what the woman said. His mother felt his pain and advised him to apply at other schools. Lindani told her that he wanted to go to the school he applied at.

The next morning, he received a call from the same university that rejected him and the same woman who served him.

She apologised about the way she spoke to him and for shutting him out during a time of need. She also informed him that she made a mistake about his application and that he was accepted into the school.

Lindani was so happy that he told his mother and she became happy as well.