A long time ago when donkeys used to have horns and everything was peaceful, animals and people used to help each other. Hare was the most loved animal by humans but distrusted for being cunning by his fellows.

In a certain village lived a woman and her husband and their child. Every day the man would go hunting whilst the wife worked in the fields. The child always cried all the time.

One day whilst the baby was crying Hare come and said, “Woman, I feel sorry for you. Can I babysit your child whilst you work?”

Hare started to babysit and the woman lied to her husband that their child was well behaved now. It went on for many years and Hare started to feel that the baby was his.

One day when dusk came Hare did not bring the child. The woman started to call sing.

“Oh Hare

Oh Hare

Bring my baby so I can carry on my back.”

Hare came to the edge of the field and also sang.

“I don’t want,

I don’t want,

She is mine also.

Night came and they were still arguing across the field. The husband became worried and went to the fields to see what was wrong. Crying so much, the woman told her husband that all along she was lying. That it was Hare who was babysitting whilst she was working and now he is saying the child is his also.

The husband forgave her and he reached an agreement with Hare to pay him. Hare then give back the child.