There are moments in our lives where we tend to tell our friends about the plans of our lives, every success that God has showered us into our lives, and how great we feel about ourselves.

We do this with an intention of thinking that those people we are telling these things about our lives, are happy for us. We do this thinking they will encourage us or get encouraged to work hard.

What we don’t know is not all our friends are happy for us.

Not all our friends want to hear about our success stories. Only a few friends are happy for us. Most friends are not our real friends, you will discover that they show us crocodile smiles which are fake.

Allow me to tell you the truth, most friends feel happy for us when we are at the same level as them. For us to know our real friends, we know them through telling them we have been blessed by the Lord. We see true friends when we are achieving our goals.

True friends are going to congratulate us without being forced. Real friends are going to be with us, even when they are succeeding in life.

So remember, always work hard in silence and let your success speak to the whole world for you. Never tell anyone about plans in your life.

Tell us what you think: Do you agree with the author? Do you have friends that aren’t happy for your successes?