Times have changed, people are pretending to care for each other and friends and family are now enemies. What went wrong South Africans? I can’t even ask for help from people who are around me because I am afraid to ask. The reason I am afraid is because we badmouth each other, we only care about our own families.

If we see someone who is in need, we tend to say ‘It’s none of my business’ without being aware that the problem the person is facing needs all of us. Today there is no love, today there is no working together. These days there is no loyalty, there is no hope. We do worthless things just because we want to please the world.

Our country used to be a country of love and peace, but that has changed. Friends of today are bad enemies of tomorrow. We no longer listen to who looks after us. We have friends that are poor, who go to sleep without anything in their stomachs, we do not even try to meet them half way by giving or supplying them with what they need most. I believe that a society is a group of people who are divided together with the same need and desire. The youth needs to make the change but all we care about are our own personal achievements. I have met many people in my life, but I never met someone I could call my best friend.

The reason I say this is because we don’t care about the next person, we focus only on our own lives. I mean, why is that folks? What happened to our African philosophy which is Ubuntu whereby we used to share everything and trusted each other with our secrets and everything that was hurting us?

We need to learn to rebuild that trust that has been broken. Everything is changing, every day we fight with our loved ones, why are we doing this, guys? When are we gonna start building instead of destroying our loved ones’ lives? We need to change and move forward because holding on to hatred is not the solution. Let’s work together folks, saving tomorrow today. I say enough with killing, raping, poverty, human trafficking, and yes we can conquer the impossible. But only if we reunite again and face all the obstacles and challenges that we face in our daily lives head on. Enough is enough, stay blessed.