Once upon a time

There lived Atlehang and her father, mother and her step-mother.

Her step-mother was a witch and she was jealous of Atlehang’s mother. She decided to bewitch Atlehang’s mother. Atlehang’s mother became weak, she could not walk or do anything.
One day when Atlehang’s mother was eating, the step-mother took the food and threw it on her face.
“Why are you and your mother making my house stinky?” Atlehang’s father said.

Later that day, Atlehang went to sell water. When she came back she found people on the yard.
“Daddy, where is my mom?”
“Your mother has died.”
She cried and cried.

The step-mother began to hit Atlehang. Atlehang ran away from home because of the abuse.
One day when she was grown, she went to see them and she was happy. The step-mother was so embarrassed so she made her food and put poison in it.

She prayed for the food and when she was about to eat, her mother came as a ghost and threw the whole food away.

The witch confessed that she killed her mother and wanted to kill her too.


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