“How could he humiliate me like this,” she said. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. This man just became her husband just hours ago.

She watched the man she loved sticking his tongue deep into another man’s mouth. The fright barely caught her by surprise, she couldn’t even faint. What was he thinking? She thought to herself. Social media was about to have a party as people gathered around him and his mistress kissing one another.

Even “Till death do us apart” was a lie. They continued licking one another.

“Tebogo! What the hell are you doing?” she lashed out. She shouted at her husband like he was a spoiled child.
Tebogo quickly woke up from dream land, realising that he was a married man now and that his wife had caught him cheating in front of all their friends and family.

“Oh Zanele… I am so sorry sthandwa,” he said. Shame took its toll on him, he quickly rolled his eyes around and everybody at the wedding reception was staring at a man who was humiliating himself on his own wedding day.

“I don’t know what is going on with me, it must be the alcohol, I am drunk,” he continued. All eyes were on him as he tried to apologise to his wife.

“Don’t touch me, damn it!” said Zanele. She looked like someone who wanted to kill her own husband.

“Sthandwa, Zanele please don’t do this,” shouted Tebogo. Zanele took her wedding ring out and threw it on his face and left the scene, crying. People at his wedding, lovers and friends turned into haters and enemies. As they took out their cell phones and started filming what looked like a beautiful romantic day turning into a broken love symbol. This was supposed to be the best day of their lives but instead he ruined it for himself.

A bright day turned into a dark day. The lights were out.

“That’s it, get out, everybody out, I said get the hell out of my property, out!” he shouted with anger, and the attendees started leaving. In a matter of minutes, he was a lonely man. He tried to salvage what was left between them. He tried calling her on his cell phone countless times but her phone kept going into voicemail and he could only imagine the pain this had caused her. He attempted by all means necessary to fix a marriage that had barely last for a day.

Three hours later that day, two policemen came knocking on his door.

“Good afternoon, is this Tebogo Sibanda’s home?” the policeman said. Tebogo quickly replied, “Yes, I am Tebogo Sibanda, what is going on?” he said.

The policemen looked at him with saddened eyes.

“Uhm sir… your wife,” said the policemen. “She was involved in a fatal car accident”. Tebogo quickly turned numb and cried. His face was white and he started screaming in denial.

“NO! No no no!” he screamed so loudly.

Two months passed and Tebogo gathered enough courage and came out as gay. He and his lover finally told their friends and families. They bought a house and moved in together as a couple. They adopted a baby and raised it together.

“Mandla,” Tebogo’s lover heard someone knocking at the door.

“Honey! Someone is at the door. I think the baby sitter has finally arrived. Can you please attend the door for me?” he said. Tebogo went to the door and opened it. There was a women who resembled Zanele.

“Hello Tebogo, sthandwa,” the women said to Tebogo.

“Zanele, what! You are supposed to be dead,” Tebogo said, looking stunned and terrified.

“Honey who is it? Is it the baby sitter?” Mandla enquired. As he went to the door to see who Tebogo was talking to.

“Honey! Who are you talking to?” Mandla could not see anyone. Tebogo was talking to the ghost of his late wife Zanele.


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