Breathe, die, laugh. Why, why is it that it is a constant repeat? A life is brought into this world, a life taken, but we choose not to see it this way, we choose to hide and shield ourselves, and only look at beauty.

But why do we not see the truth? Behind every smile is pain. Behind every scar is a story, on a daily basis. People leave this earth on an hourly basis, people hide their pain, but on a secondary basis, people break apart.

Every breath wished it was lost, can never heal, help, save a person. Words are used to comfort, actions are used to comfort, but none can heal. Should my lungs stop, my heart stop, my soul leave, do not cry, do not be sad, for I am in a place where I cannot feel pain any more, such is my life. I am numb.

But now that I leave, I’m no longer suffering. So be merry, for I have no more. My pillow can finally have a night where it is dry. My family can finally be happy, and my friends can forget about me, everyone can finally be happy.

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