“Mommy, I love you,” said seven-year-old Rhys. His mother Jessica was tucking him into bed as she read to him the book Alexander’s Monster. However, Rhys in fear, began covering his face for the book she read was scary for one so young.

“No more, Mommy,” Rhys was pleading for his mother to stop reading that awful book.

“OK sweetie,” replied Jessica. She gave him a kiss on his cheek. Rhys though was in so much shock from the story that Jessica had no choice but to sleep in his room.

“Mum, will you ever die like how Alexander’s foster parents died?” asked Rhys while hugging onto his mother.

“No, of course not my baby, though Daddy is gone I will be here forever,” said Jessica, embracing Rhys. Tears were slowly trickling from her eyes. They were now asleep arm-in-arm, the lava lamps in Rhys’s room various in colours made their sleep more pleasing.

“Mommy, mommy wake up,” said Rhys while caressing his mother on the shoulder. Gingerly Jessica began re-collecting her wits.

“I made it just for you mom,” said Rhys as he put a tray of breakfast before her. Rhys then gave his mother a flower and an affectionate hug.

“Mummy I love you, I’ll be the man to protect you now,” mentioned the adorable Rhys wearing his teddy bear pyjamas.

“Rhys why not make the servants do all the chores it’s why they’re hired,” said Jessica who couldn’t get a reply for Rhys was already running out of the room. He was now attending to animals which he had saved or found with bodily injuries. His kind nature and pure heart saw everybody drawn to his benevolent spirit. Rhys had long straight hair kept in a pony-tail, blue eyes and had a dimple on his left cheek.

“Sorry madam but Master Rhys insisted on helping,” apologised one of the servants who was employed for the cleaning of the mansion. Rhys, whose presence alone was uplifting and positive in the once gloomy and depressing mansion. He was growing fast and was soon to be eligible for inheriting all the fortunes of his father.

“Rhys baby lets go for a walk to find any abandoned animals in the woods,” said Jessica. They were going alone. Holding each other’s hand, they were walking when Rhys found a beautiful flower and put it in his mother’s hair. Far from home they were looking for any injured animals when they now were at the water falls.

“I’m sorry Rhys,” said Jessica while crying as she was hugging him tight, he was in a clueless state as to what was happening.

The gushing sound of the water was in harmony with the singing of birds. The sky had no clouds and a gentle breeze wooed the pine trees in a benign motion. Chirping of insects and the occasional splash from a fish was all the prefect serenity of nature. The entire moment was in a state of pure acquiescence.

Rhys, however, now saw a different expression from his mother. She had a dark sneer on her face. Rhys was in terror as he now was staring into the lifeless eyes of his mother. Before another thought could pass his mind he was hit on the head with a rock.

“My money! No-one will ever get my money! It’s all mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!” screamed Jessica who repeatedly hit Rhys on the head over and over and over again. She had a fear of losing her money that she was willing to keep it whatever means necessary.

“I’m sorr…” Rhys faintly was trying to say. He slowly tried to reach out his hand to his mother’s face. Jessica though did not stop the continuous onslaught and fury of attacks.

“No man! No child! No servant! Will ever get my money every cent is mine! My money! My money! My money!” Jessica continued her screaming almost as a justification of her actions. The life-less body of Rhys was moist from his blood. Jessica had planned the death of Rhys for the past several months. She now ran back to the mansion playing the role of the grieving mother, while the innocent blood of Rhys watered the ground.


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