As we spend our lives, living on this earth, we face many problems, like a country infested with an outbreak of cholera or even invaded by terrorists. These problems emerge in our lives unexpectedly, and sometimes from our own ignorance, and we tend to wonder, meditate in our hearts, and even reach a point of asking ourselves some questions within ourselves, questions like; what does this problem want from me? Where is it coming from? Why am I the only one being affected by such a problem? Whom have I sinned against, for me to receive such punishment? As a result, such questions invite some unanswerable solutions to our problems. Others even reach a point of thinking: that they have been cursed by their ancestors.

Since we fail to realise that problems only migrate in our lives, to make us strong and learn lessons about life. We tend to stay very sad for a long period of time and even till we sail to the soil.

One key thing that we fail to notice and understand whenever we are faced with such problems in our lives is that, life is about experiencing both good and bad days, for us to be  called strong people as we live here on earth, and for every problem to be solved in our lives, we should ask the almighty Lord; to calm the storm out of our hearts, just like the way the twelve disciples asked Jesus Christ; to calm down the storm on the sea, for he(God) is greater than any power, gods, and even other obstacles that may hinder our lives.

Sometimes, God allows problems to enter into our lives, either for a long or short period of time, just to test our faith in him (God). Some people think that whenever a person is faced with any problem in life, God can answer and solve his or her problem/s by just praying to him, like the way one gets cured of a headache – by just drinking a painkiller.  Sometimes God delays his responses to our prayer/s just to observe some few things from us. This includes; to observe whether we are still going to remember his name, read his words from the Bible, worship in his name at all times, and even going to thank him and consider him as our almighty God, though he may delay responding our prayer/s. There are two things about this test; (1) to observe those who are going to have faith in him and never to stop doing what his words say in his Holy Bible. (2) To observe those people with little faith in him, that will be taken by persuasive materials of the earth and forget about him(God) like the Israelites, who forgot about him (God) by building a bull, made of bracelets and gold to worship it as their God, for they had little faith when Moses was asked by him (God) to go up the mountain and collect the ten commandments.

Remember, for us to graduate from our storms just like intellectuals from colleges, we should establish a concrete faith inside our hearts at all times in our God, for he is the God who created us in his image, and that we should follow him at all times.


“How do you view God in your life?”