Once upon a time there was a girl called Precious. She lived a life of luxury and wealth but her parents did not live in peace. There was no love in her home.

One day she met a young, handsome boy and they dated for some time. Precious decided to take the boy to meet her parents. When they arrived the boy was amazed by the luxurious house. Her dad liked the boy but her mother did not. The boy was invited to live with them.

After some months the girl’s mother tried to put poison in the boy’s food. Precious caught her mother in the act.

“Mom I’m leaving because I cannot live with a witch!”

Amazed was the mother who begged her daughter not to leave and her daughter agreed to stay.

One day the young love birds where bored of sitting around doing nothing. So the boy told the girl about a club in the city and they went. They got drunk and that night had sex without a condom. The next morning precious was vomiting and the parents just thought she was just sick.

Five months later her stomach was getting bigger and when her parents asked she just confessed and they kicked her out. She cursed at her mother and her mother could not believe that.

When she got to the streets she was in labour. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. After a few weeks she gave up on life and went on a bridge.

She threw herself down and died.