I remember everything as if it happened yesterday and this is how it all started, I studied at Northland High School. I finished my matric in 2013 and I wanted to study Tourism at the University of Cape Town (UCT). I loved travelling but it turned out that was not my destiny. On the day of the results I found out that I failed, I was so heart broken and everything felt like a dream. I remember wanting to take my life all in the name of failing matric, everyone in my family was disappointed, I too felt like a failure.

In 2014 I decided I was going to rewrite my matric and pass it. I told myself that ‘I’m going to pass, I’m not a failure.’ I studied and at times I would also cross night. The day of the results came and I was full of joy, I was proud of myself, I had passed, I did it.

In 2015 I decided to go to college, I did Public Relations, it was a three-year course. I tried my best, studied and exceled in my first year. I met a guy who I fell in love with. This guy Theo was all that I needed, he brought joy into my life, he became my best friend.

We shared almost everything, he helped with my school stuff and when I wanted to give up, he would say “babe you not a quitter and you know you can do this.” He was so patient and loving. I made it to the second year, I gave it all my best sometimes I would say to myself that ‘I can’t do this but…’ every time I felt that way my ride or die always told me to never give up and that I should have a positive mindset.

That guy made me feel like I was the luckiest person alive, months later, we started fighting, things started to change. He started to cheat on me and I felt like I was losing my mind. Every time I tried to confront him I would get beaten. I continued dating the guy but what was I to this guy? A punching bag? A soul mate?

Every time he beat me up he would say sorry then I would forgive him. The clock was always ticking. I thought to myself it will not reverse or wait for me to realise that it is ticking or not. Theo decided that we should break up, I remember how hurt I was, I loved this guy. But then I thought it was a great idea and it was a chance for me to search for myself and be happy.

The clock is ticking. One thing is it will never wait for me, this was the chance to forget about him. I thought of revenge, I wanted to hurt him the same way he had hurt me. I wanted him to feel the same pain I had felt when he broke it off with me, when he cheated on me but I was not that kind of person so I forgave him.

After two months of the break up, we decided it was best to get back together, we fixed our problems and our relationship was fine, we never stopped loving each other, things were not the same but we tried our best. We had fun moments, we would laugh and tease each other. Lord knows how much I loved this man no matter what he did. I passed my last year and graduated, I got my diploma for PR and I wore that graduation gown I always wished to see myself in it.

After graduation, six months later I went for a job interview in Pretoria at Bytes company and was later called in and told that the job was mine. I was so excited. Theo also proposed, we got engaged and we were also blessed with a daughter, who we named Ofentse. It means ‘We made it.’ She brought joy in our lives, the journey was tough but I never gave up, I made it. I knew very well that the clock was always ticking, it will never wait for me. Dreams don’t wait for us, so get up and do it.


Tell us: What is the biggest dream that you have not achieved yet?