There were two twin girls, Sindie and Maphindie. Maphindie was the youngest and the fairy of her mother because she had the most love for her than she did for Sindie. Sindie and her twin sister went to the same school and almost loved the same things but Maphindie was wiser at everything, that’s why she was loved so much.

But what her mother, Phumla, didn’t know was that she was dating in school. Sindie knew but she was secretive about it because she didn’t want to get her sister in trouble and minded her own business.

Maphindie got most gifts from her mother while Sindie got nothing but torn clothes. Even though Sindie was angry and jealous about what her sister got, she still didn’t tell Maphindie’s school secret about dating boys.

After two years, Maphindie got pregnant and decided to run away from home because her mother was gonna kill her. Sindie carried on with her education while staying with her granny because her mother was becoming more and more abusive while Maphindie was still the fairy.

After Maphindie ran away from home, Phumla was staying alone. Maphindie is still not found after she ran away pregnant and Sindie is staying with her granny and carries on with her education.