This is a story about my life and how sexual abuse changed my life

Chapter 1

Many people might think that South Africa is the only country where women and children are abused, well let me tell you something, that is a lie. I was only 7 years old when I was raped. I was raped by my neighbour’s grandson in Zimbabwe.

Chapter 2

It was a sunny day when my neighbour’s grandson had called me to buy him a tomato at a local spaza. I bought the tomato, I came to the house.

When I entered he locked the door behind me. He started raping me and I cried out for help but no one could hear me. When he let me out, he said I must not tell anyone or he will end my life.

Chapter 3

I kept quiet as if nothing happened. Five years passed by and when I was in grade 5. An organisation came to our school to help children who were abused and that’s when I told my teacher everything. The next day the Childline car came to my home. I was so embarrassed because I thought about what people will say.

Chapter 4

They took my aunt and I to the police station. I told the police everything, and guess what they didn’t arrest him until today. Then my mother decided that I would move to South Africa.

I thought things would be better but they weren’t. When I heard other girls talking about how proud they are because they are still virgins, I cry because I didn’t lose mine willingly.

Chapter 5

I have always stayed strong until today. Sometimes I wish I could end my life then I think about my family how would they feel.

My name is Mbalehle Ncube and this is the story about my life.

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