I feel unsafe and in danger because there are gangsters everywhere in my community. We even have a problem at school, because our Principal wrote letters to our parents saying that we are not allowed to come to school at 07h50, because there are gangsters everywhere. They rob learners and take their money. If you don’t have much money, e.g. R10, they will kill you or beat you up badly. Unfortunately the learners did not listen to the Principal.

Last year at my high school, one learner was stabbed and died at the centre of the school. Those who stabbed him, were just looking at him as if they hadn’t done anything wrong. There was another boy that was “wanted” by the gangsters, but the gangsters killed the boy’s sister instead. The gangsters were arrested. Every year the police visit the school and go through the boys’ toilets.

One day I was walking down the street and saw a man with a lady. This was 06h40 in the morning. The lady was shouting for her bag. I was so scared and could not stop myself from screaming. It was like a horror movie, but this was worse. On that day, I wished that I could go to the police as soon as possible and I felt so sad that danger in South Africa will never stop. We must fight crime and crime must stop. It is time for gangsters to stop taking over – this place is dangerous.

One day my mother and I were about to go to sleep and my mom had forgotten to lock the gate. When my mom opened the door a man came rushing towards her. My mom saw that the man had been stabbed in the neck. She was so shocked and she called the police. They found out that the man had been chased by gangsters and that they had murdered him. The police searched for the victim’s house and found his family. When they told the family about the murder, the granny had a heart attack and had to go to hospital.

Everywhere people are complaining about crime. Violence must stop. We are not the only people who are afraid. We all want the same thing – violence must stop. The people who kill children must stop. Even at schools, the police must go everywhere searching for criminals.

The keys to prison must be thrown in the ocean!