“Mommy, I am so grateful to FunDza, I found tips on their blog on how to stay healthy,” Dineo says, ecstatically.

“That is great, my baby girl, you always wanted those tips,” her mommy responds.

“Yes, that is the reason I am this excited. I cannot wait to begin using the tips and enjoy myself!” Dineo jumps excitedly.

“True, my child, I have a funny question though. What is FunDza?”

Dineo laughs at her mom’s question. “Mommy, FunDza is an organisation, and a mobile library that promotes reading for pleasure. They have online books for us to read and gain knowledge.”

“OK, now I have a clue. I have never heard about it.”

“You can also access FunDza with your phone, Mom, on their WhatsApp number. They are also available on Facebook and Twitter,” Dineo adds.

“OK, even myself at the age of 59, I am allowed to access FunDza?”

“Mommy, reading has no age limit. You can access FunDza anytime and any day. You can also gain something from FunDza,” says Dineo.

“OK, I understand, my child. Lucky my phone has internet, I will be able to access it.”

“Yes, Mommy, you will gain so much from it. Their mobi site is data free even!” says Dineo, smiling.

“I will even share this FunDza number with my other friends because I feel your excitement, you will be able to gain from it.”

“Yes, you will gain a lot, Mommy,” Dineo conludes.


Tell us: Dineo finds FunDza’s healthy-living tips very helpful: what do you enjoy reading at FunDza?