I still miss the old you. I still remember the first day I met you, the smile you gave me which filled my empty heart. You greeted me with enormous warmth, blinded me with your orange dress. I guess it was a sign of how pure and sweet your heart and love was.

I asked about your tattoo and you told me how special and close to your heart it was. April 20 was the day I was introduced to Derrick. At first, accepting it was not easy, and that was partly due to your beauty and having your father’s name on your wrist was strange to me.

You found me as what many regard as a sex-boy and turned me into the yummiest piece of trash. I knew of a number of ladies who resort in the fallacy of hasty generalization that “boys are trash”, that tittle is influenced by their experience in relationships. Honey you didn’t judge me according to those standards and I’ll forever be grateful for that. I didn’t believe in love, you were patient with me and never neglected me. Our love was a rollercoaster – tight turns, steep slopes and fast carriages characterized it.

Oh child, 2016 changed you. You turned into a monster that I never met, maybe “alien” perfectly defines you. A gas that turned my heart into a deep freezer, you moved from Moet to Krone, Hennessey to more enemies and lastly Almighty God-AMG. You moved from skirts to mini-skirts, 610 to 626, coloured my long texts with ignorance, stood me up one too many times.

Look, I know I am not perfect and don’t have any G-wagon under my name not to mention a big floppy tummy. All I have is what I once shared with you or should I say you indoctrinated in me. I have tested a number of cars but I don’t think there’s a car that was made for me other than my four rings of life – love, faith, hope and peace. I miss the old you!


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