Tears became my daily bread. I was looking at life from a different perspective. Hearing people saying life is an enjoyable journey used to be an insult that I came across with each and every day of my life. To me it seemed like it’s fine for everyone to have a good life except for me. I’m a little street kid that came across many life challenges and lost his sense of hope. I spent most of my days crying, but I knew that one day these tears would dry out. I knew that this pain might go beyond my expectations but one day it would all go away.

As per usual I woke early in the morning, folded an old cloth that I usually cover myself with when I sleep in the evening and I placed it under the stone so that it cannot be recognised and taken by the dogs. I decided to try and go find something to eat because my stomach was starting grumble and I had nothing left to eat from what I had found yesterday.

People often think that I’m a drug addict that left his home to get freedom of using drugs and think that they should not judge a book by its cover. If they looked into my eyes they would see the pain and challenges that I have faced. I never thought that one day my parents who get divorced and that the love they once had for me would be torn apart. I was left with no choice but to go and try to look for an independent life, but the only place I had to go was the streets. As I was going about my daily routine trying to find some food in the bins I came across a brown bag.

My parents raised me as a Christian and even though I had nothing much I still remembered the lesson that they had taught me. They always told me to never satisfy my desires by stealing because it will leave me with an endless guilty conscience. When I first saw the bag I was scared and happy at the same time because the bag seemed new, but it was clearly that it had been stolen. I was happy because I thought that I would find something of value in the bag that could be a solution to stop my stomach from grumbling. But, all I found was some old lady’s medication and some spectacles inside it.

I’ve often heard people say that good things come to those who hustle, but I had many doubts on whether or not I should take the bag or leave it. I finally came to the conclusion that I would take the bag and try to sell it with the medication in it on the bus station. When I approached the bus station I saw that a crowd was forming a circle around something. I was asking myself lots of questions about what was going on because last time I saw a crowd like that they were beating a street kid who had been accused of stealing a passenger’s goods.

I realised that I only speak to the almighty God when things are bad. For a few seconds I started to praise him and in that moment of silence I saw a group of several people running towards me. When they arrived someone asked, “Does that bag have any medication in it?”

I was so amazed that they didn’t accuse me of stealing it that I answered out of fear and said that it did have medication inside it. They grabbed the bag and without asking me any further questions they ran back towards the crowd. When they got there I saw them giving the medication to an old lady who was lying down in the street.

This showed me that it is possible to go from zero to a hero. Whoever thought that a dirty, little street kid like me could save someone’s life by just picking up a bag that robbers had thrown away. I managed to save an old lady’s life by finding her bag with her high blood pressure medication inside it. I also managed to rebuild my life because she ended up adopting me because I’d saved her life. I can now announce myself as a winner and not the loser that I used to be.