I’m Anastacia, I am an excellent student or at least I was. My life changed completely from innocent to killer. They changed me.

My experience was horrific. I became one with the devil. They used to call me “the devil incarnate”. I was always shy and could not communicate with people. Now I live in Spain due to personal reasons. This is my story. It is out of this world (literally)…

Near my house was a highway. One day I was walking the highway route. There was a young girl – she looked pale, about 17 years old. She was alone. I started walking towards her and suddenly she hugged me out of the blue. I felt a little dizzy. Things became blurry.

I woke up on a ship. I thought I was dreaming. There were people there. They got me up and when I was standing, they uncovered me. I could only see the ocean, only water around me. I was adjusting to the light because my face had been covered. Just then I saw the girl, she was happy and not crying. I started to question her motives. She came up to me and gave me a huge smack! I started to cry, just then I felt myself being injected, once again, I fell asleep.

I woke up tied to a chair. Two men appeared in front of me and for the time, my senses were brilliant, I could hear flowers blossoming and ants collecting food. I was shocked at my own senses. I begged and begged but no-one answered, they just stared at me.

As I was adjusting to the place, we were moved to cells. I was finished with the begging and begging. I started reigning, I was the boss inside. The once sweet girl was a bad naughty girl. Everyday I saw girls getting killed and tortured then I started hating again.

For nine years I’ve been locked up. I started seeing other girls asking them what happened, each story made me shiver, a shiver down my spine.

I formed a group with some of the girls. They are called: Aleeyah (Terrorizer), Jacqueline (Silent Killer), Nicolah (Pistol), Porcia ( Die Hard). They were my group. We discussed something about escaping but as soon as we set foot out of the cells and on the outside of the ship, you would only see ocean, sea, beach. They never thought we were going to get out.

Everyone on the ship has a place where they work. Aleeyah poisoned the guards until they all fell asleep. Jacqueline shot every guard who was still awake and rang the alarms. Nicolah poisoned every high office manager with sleeping liquid. We were ready. We escaped and started to jump in the water, swimming for our lives.

After twenty years, after returning and leaving South Africa for Spain, my life changed. I was as heartless as ever, I didn’t care about anyone. I’m busy changing my life, working on it. But the fact remains, I’m still the devil incarnate.