It’s really a nice thing to have someone who you can rely on, talk to about anything and also be happy for each other’s achievements.

A friend is someone who you can talk to about anything that makes you unhappy or sad, talk about school stuff relationships and also obstacles that one of you is facing. A friend should be a person that you can cry to when you are broken, she/he should give you certain ways on how to solve that particular problem you are facing.

If that person you are calling a friend seems to be jealousy of you when something great happened to you, whether you got a promotion at work or you passed at school with excellent marks or is jealousy with your wonderful relationship, you must consider that person as a frenemy.
A frenemy is someone who’s pretending to be your friend in your eyes but he/she backstabs you. He/she may act strange towards your success, he/she doesn’t look happy when you achieved something beautiful in your life. He/she talk about you behind your back with other people. He/she doesn’t really give you the right answers whenever you are in stress, also a friend shouldn’t see you as a gloating person, whenever you are posting about something great you achieved on social media.

A friend should be a person who you guys wish for the same thing. Someone who congratulate you from the heart whenever you succeeded. Someone who feels happy about your relationships but, if a guy is a known trouble your friend must warn you about that person, he/she must not just leave you when you making a wrong decision.

Remember you can also be your own friend, when you’re in stress, seek help from people you trust, whether it’s your mom or teacher.


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