She was married just like any other, but little did her husband know he was married to a snake that would later bite him. Her husband worked at an insurance company. He thought of improving his wife’s standard of living by asking his boss to hire her. But he never knew he was making a big mistake. Love is blind and he was also blinded by her soft voice when they first met each other.

When Frances’s boss wanted a cleaning lady, he thought he could grab the opportunity to get his wife hired at a same company where he worked. She got the job but her boss saw too much potential on her. She had matriculated and never had an opportunity further her studies. He offered her a sales job and let her go for courses to improve herself. But as for her husband France, he did not know he was bringing bad luck for himself. His wife began to disrespect him due to the lot of money she was getting, more money than her husbands.

Linah started having love affairs at her work place. She had forgotten that her husband was working there with her. At home she would come late and lie that she was busy at work holding meetings. Her husband would cook for their kids while she was out there joking with men. She even planned to make her husband lose his job so she could continue with her affair without being disturbed.

Days went by and her husband felt the situation was more than he could take. He then resigned as his wife was making hell for him. She became successful but forgot who made her to become who she was. She drove all kinds of expensive cars but never thought of buying one for her husband. She later chased her husband out of his own house so she could let all her Ben Tens come over whenever they wanted.


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