Something I’ve noticed in life is that we blame people for how they treat us, whereas we are the ones that give them the right to do so.

Dear brother and sister, it’s time to let go of all the pain a person has caused you.

All your past relationships were meant to build you, not break you. And from all those relationships there’s a lesson to be learned. I once stayed in an abusive relationship and blamed the person I was with, but forgetting I was also responsible for his actions. I was responsible because I stayed in that abusive relationship even though I should have packed and left as soon as he slapped me the first time.

I told myself that he was angry and he had a bad day, that it will never happen again. But guess what, it happened over and over again. But I still had the mentality that it will get better and I knew that I was lying to myself and it would only get worse.

He would pass me in the street as he walked with a girl and he wouldn’t be ashamed. And if I asked about the girl I would be beaten up. The relationship I had with him broke me and my trust, to a point where I couldn’t treat a good man the way he needed to be treated.

I punished a good guy because I never forgave myself for allowing my ex to treat me the way he did. But once I learned to let go and forgive myself and stop blaming my ex, that’s when I learned how to love the person I’m with and to trust him.

The problem is never the ex, the problem is that you allow them to treat you like trash. I’m not in any way condoning the abuse, it’s a terrible thing he did. But we should stop blaming the people in our lives for treating us the way they do, we must blame ourselves for allowing them to treat us like we’re nothing.


Tell us: Have you ever been in an abusive relationship?
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