Don’t you miss it!? I know I do! I miss disarming you with my eyes, I miss seeing your face covered in lust, knowing very well I wanted you too. You can never know this, I can never tell it straight to you but I think you knew, the way my body responded to your hesitant touches, the moans that escaped my lips, hearing you begging me to come closer to you, my mind resisting but my body reciting a different poem, a poem filled with stanzas of passion. I know you do! I know you miss it too.

I know you still long for a chance to lock your lips to mine again, those sighs from your nasal pipes triggered by my soft kisses, my hands touching your chest and feeling your heart beating, responding to the tingling of our forbidden lust. Wetter and wetter my palms got from your chest sweat, weaker and weaker your knees were from your body warmth. I slipped and whispered your name in a way I never did before.

We knew we weren’t supposed to go there but something so wrong never felt this amazing, and trying to resist had never been this challenging.

Quickly I came to my senses, and I had to watch your heart breaking when I refused to give into the temptation. The vibration in your voice told me you wanted the feeling to last too. But because to you begging is a sign of weakness, you couldn’t let me see you were suffering. I looked at you walking away, my lips shivered as I wanted to call out to you, tell you I needed you as much as you do too.

All day I wondered if you thought about it as much as I did, wondered if you would want me again if you saw me, I wondered if you felt the same steam as me, wondered if I had allowed you to continue touching me in parts of my soul no person has ever been able to, would we have stopped!? I wondered if you understood the effect you had on me. Like me I know you miss it too, I know you’ve tried to suppress the thoughts of us and replaced them.

But how does it feel!? How does it feel knowing what I could’ve given to you is being received by someone else!? All that you’ve wanted to do to me is not being done by you! All that you wanted me to feel is an experience with someone else. I wonder if you look at her with eyes of pity everyday as you tell her you love her! Little does she know that you’re with her because you can’t get who you truly want! I hope she makes you Happy!!!