We find ourselves in tight places where we feel like there’s no way out, yet we tend to look for inspiration in the wrong places. Most of the time it’s easy to contract negative feedback about ourselves rather than the positive kind. We need to learn that when drawing energy from someone, we are required to take in both the good and bad energy, which will never work for us because we have our own energies that we send out to the universe.

The thoughts of faith may be dying and the strength of our souls may be fading, but they only vanish if we allow them to. It is the choices we make along with decisions that reflect on what happens.

Our thoughts imagine, our minds create; it is what we believe in that comes true and not in our own time of choice, but in the time of the universe.

When life hits rock bottom with nothing left to look up to, all we need to do is find the core of our hope and let it worm its way into light and fill that dark void of worry. We should activate it in our minds that the night will fall and tomorrow will rise up with hope. Our yesterday may be cloudy but tomorrow is spotless.

Whatever life throws at you, arise and rinse yourself and grab the bull by its horns. There is never a desire to reach our destinations without knowing that the road could be narrow.

We need to rip off our cloaks of worry and despair and put on our armour of hope. Scare the dark night away with worn faces of a bright day. The darkest times can lead to the brightest of places.

Like popcorn, prepared at the same time with oil and heat, not all the corn will pop at the same time. Worry not, our time to pop will come.


Tell us: Do you agree that after difficult times a brighter day comes?