On the top of a table there was a folded paper. This paper contained confidential information about a certain person in which he was the only one who should unfold it. Unfortunately, his careless behaviour let him down again. He took the paper and put it on a table after being interrupted by a phone call, urging him to come to a cocktail party as fast as he could.

This paper carried his skeleton hidden in his closet, also known as his secrets. This man had a lot of blood on his hands, big rocks waiting to be turned. He killed his business partner for power, hiding his body under his own house. Not to mention all of his scams, frauds and blackmails in which he became elevated to be what he is today. A millionaire that is respected by many, role model of many young individuals who would die to be like him one day.

Someone knew all about him, that’s whoever wrote this paper to him. That person called him.

“Hello!” he answered his phone.

“Good afternoon, Mr Mathebula,” he replied.

“Who am I speaking to?” he asked.

“That’s not important. What’s important is the paper I sent to you,” he said.

“What paper?” he asked with surprise.

This man answered him by explaining everything he knows and what was written on the paper. Then the mysterious man dropped the phone. Mr Mathebula’s heart became like a ticking bomb, ready to explode anytime. His whole world was in danger, he knew that.

“Sifiso.” Someone called his name at the cocktail party.

Everything was on pause for him as he tried to swallow such a prescription pill into his system. He dropped his cell phone on the floor; it was like gravity took it down by force. Everything he owned was about to fall down. He couldn’t even stand straight like he usually did. Nothing was straight forward as far as he was concerned.

“Sifiso!” They continued shouting his name.

He had forgotten this folded paper on the table before he left after having lunch in a restaurant. Immediately after he left the restaurant, a police officer sat on the exact same seat, having a lunch break. This policemen saw this folded paper, took it, thinking it was just a menu. He then unfolded it…


Tell us: What do you think will happen to Sifiso?