Each morning felt like things were about to change for the better. Thinking this and we couldn’t stop bragging about being the matriculants of 2014; a dream come true. The plans I had, since I got my Grade11 results, were that I would strive to achieve better. But no! I had no intentions of making new friends, but the opposite happened. I befriended a boy, Charles Sekhula, because I really didn’t like being around girls. Truth is, I knew matric would bring a lot of fun but a limited time, so I didn’t want any distractions.

The matric vibe got to me then. Machaba Mahlatse befriended me and showed me that girls were not as bad as I thought they were. It’s true that the stages that we come across during our matric year cannot be easily controlled. Books did not take much priority, since every Monday Mahlatse had umgosi to tell. I honestly I hated that part.

Accounting became my favourite subject and for the first time ever, it became my priority though I had wanted to change it. I did commercial studies with mathematical literacy. We studied other subjects but invested much time on Accounting. The part I hated was when we had to attend on Sundays. “It’s better to come to school on Sunday since there won’t be other learners disturbing you,” our principal would say.

Our exams were not that bad and our top ten included a bachelor’s and distinctions. Unlike other schools, we did not have our matric dance though we looked forward to it. Ooh I forgot to tell you the name of my school, Mohlatlego Machaba High School.

Preparation for final exams arrived. The whole year was fun, our red shirts, friends, teachers, class mates and the vibe we brought to our school. Mr Polanka would say “Many will be called but only few will be taken.” Exams finally came and we were going to write. But which symbols were we going to obtain? How many of us were going to pass or fail? Eish these questions though.

Final day came then we tore up our time tables. “Goodbye MMHS and Malombo” we all screamed.

January 4th 2015 was the day of our results. 70% got Bachelor’s, 19% got Diplomas, 10% Higher Certificate and 1% failed. We said our sad but final goodbyes, with each going to a different path in life.


Tell us: Do you feel the matrics have too much pressure?