This story is about a young boy who is trying to make the world a safer place.

One day I was standing outside and two boys started fighting. I went to stop the fight, but they punched me in the face. I asked them what did I do wrong and they replied, “Why did you stop the fight?” I said that they could have killed each other.

The one boy shouted to the other, “You’re going see what we are going to do to you” and the other said “What, man? You can do nothing to me” and walked off.

The one boy went to go call his brother to talk to the boy that hit him. Two minutes later the boy came back with his friends and his brother went to hit the boy.

He said, “I told you my brother is going to hit you!”

They started hitting and kicking the boy and when they were done they left. The boy was lying there in so much pain. Two days later the boy who was ambushed came to the other boy with a gang and so it all began. The gang started hitting and kicking the boy and they robbed him of his new gold Jordan shoes, chain, silver ring and his skateboard. The gang told the boy to go and get his brother and his brother’s gang. This was war.

They said, “If you mess with my brother you mess with me”, and they took out their guns and started shooting the boys. They said that the boys standing on their turf must run. The boys ran to go and hide, but they shot one boy in the leg and took him to the hospital. They said they are going to take guns and shoot them, so they ran to go and fetch guns that night.

The boys had a party in the road, but the other gangsters came and shot the people who were in the road. They ran around like mad dogs that had never been fed and shot a man in the head. I was in shock, as I had never seen someone be shot in the head. I ran home and my mother asked me where I had been. I told her that I had been at the party when the shooting had started.

My heart was beating so fast because I thought I might die. Thank God I am ok. My mom told me there would now be beef between the two gangs. I felt like it was my fault that the man was dead, but my mom said that I must not worry because at least I was safe. That was the day that I felt in danger in my community.