My home is a place where I feel safe and comfortable. Even when I’m at school I just can’t wait to come back home. The most part I love about being at home is coming back from school and finding my mom in the kitchen baking her smelling good cupcakes. After I have finished eating I wash dishes, or sit on my favourite couch and watch television or read my magazines.

Living under the roof with five children is not bad at all. I love my sisters and brothers because family is important. They are always there for me to support me in good times even bad times. Where I live I don’t usually play outside, I’m always at home because I don’t even have friends, my friends are my sisters and brothers.

I respect my home because it’s a place where I have grown up ever since I was young. I don’t even know what I would do without my home or my mother. My mother is my role model and she plays an important role in our lives and at home. She takes care of us, feeds us, gets us to school and she makes sure we live in a happy home. That’s why I love her so much because she loves us too. Even when I grow up I want to give her a big home she always wanted all along.

My home is a place where I find my happiness. A place called home is where you learn all the things you want to know. In my home I was taught what is right and wrong. It’s a place where I was taught how to become a better person in life.

I won’t forget where I have grown up and I won’t forget where I am coming from. I was raised by powerful words which are, “Do you know the situation of where you grew up?”
I know the situation of my family – we might not be rich but we have love inside our home and we support each other, that’s all that matters. No matter what we are going through we will always be there for each other.

Love has united us inside our home and it has made us good people. Now we are one big family. Children who don’t have homes sleep in the streets, but in my family we thank God, he has given us a home and education. We won’t waste time, we will do what is right because we are the generations of tomorrow.

I enjoy spending time with my family. There are those times we just talk about what we were doing when we were still kids. We just laugh with one another because we miss those times and they were fun. While we are busy chatting about our old times my mother cooks delicious fried chicken for us. We all love chicken. My home is my everything.

Without my family I’m nothing. I have learnt one thing. Having a home is a blessing and that blessing comes from God.