I was sleeping and it felt so good because I had everything. I was rich with all the cars and girls, the big house made of glass and I was in my fantasy world.

But then I woke up. I was in a shack and I knew I was dreaming.


In my dreams it just happens that I get all of the things I desire; all the yellow-boned girls I want and all the girls I used to like and still have feelings for. In my dream I’m in a relationship with them, getting numbers, something I cannot do in real life.

I was dreaming that I was walking with the girl of my dreams; the hottest girl in school. In the dream we were lovers. I felt deep emotions all around and I even kissed her. I looked in her eyes and I couldn’t believe I had finally got her. My desire for her was strong; she was going to be my first.

When I was just about to take her clothes off I woke up.

I just got so angry when I woke up.

“God why do you give me the taste of the good life and my desires, something i cannot afford? Are you mocking me?” I mumbled in anger.

The truth was that all these things would never happen in real life. I am scared of her in real life and I judge myself a lot.

I know that everyone has experienced these dreams. To me they are just useless and give no hope. The way my life is right now I would just be honoured if I would sleep and dream forever in dreamland. But I know that it’s better to work hard and follow the real dreams that come with your work.