What Are Goals?

Goals are things we aim to achieve but what if we don’t achieve them? Does that make them less of our goals?

Goals are who we are, they shape who we are and determine what we want to be. They are not just things we set to achieve, our goals were born with us; they live within us and play with us. Goals challenge us to be better people and inspire us to live a purposeful life.

Our goals, to me, are like our ancestral calling; the harder we try to ignore the calling, the harder our life gets. Goals should haunt us in our sleep. They should be married to our minds and be committed to our thoughts.

A lot of people wake up to perform duties they do not want to, run errands they do not enjoy. That is enslaving your own happiness all in the name of making money and trying to earn a living. This is because they did not give their goals enough attention and they did not fulfil their purpose.

Failure does not exist.

Failure is the first step to success, the first step towards achieving your goals. Don’t be an enemy of your own success, never fail to try. Think of Thomas Edison, the man who invented a light bulb. He only managed to get it right on his 1000th attempt and that means he had failed a hundred times. Some of us might have given up on our third, fourth or nineteenth attempt, but he didn’t, no matter how many times he failed. You know why? Because Thomas Edison believed in his invention, he trusted his abilities and he knew what he wanted and he went after it.

Do you think he never thought of quitting? Do you think he never had people telling him that he was just wasting his time, that the idea of inventing a light bulb was all in his head? He had such negativity but he couldn’t let them stop his drive. Do not let people who contribute nothing to your life take so much from you.

If he had listened to such people and fell through to their negative minds, would we have a light bulb today? But he didn’t listen to them and how many light bulbs do you have in your homes? How many light bulbs do we have now in this entire world? Because of his vision, strength and eagerness we now have light bulbs helping doctors to save millions of lives. Because of his willingness our brothers are able to go to work and put bread on the table.

A simple light bulb has changed a million lives. So what could your hunger for success do to you and so many others? Be like Thomas Edison, go after what you want no matter how many times you might fail, no matter how hard they try to discourage you. Refuse to be discouraged, refuse to be misled and refuse to listen to any kind of negativity.

Your idea could help someone put food on the table, it could save someone’s life. Your idea could revolutionize the world and make it a much prominent place. But you are stuck with your idea and the problem is not money and resources. Fear is your biggest obstacle.

You can’t win if you are afraid of losing. You can’t make it if you are scared of trying and you can’t be successful if you are afraid of failing and being criticised. By failing you will learn from your failures and gain more and better experiences.

You are the David of your success and your fears, doubts and negativities are your Goliath. Nobody thought that David would bring the giant down but he did it. So who said you can’t win against your failures? Who said you can’t overcome your fears and be what you want to be?

You are not what they say.

We might have two eyes but we still see things differently. One might see a car as something that makes life and travelling easy and more enjoyable because it is faster. But another might see a car as something that makes like hard because the same thing that gets you to your destination faster could also make you to never reach your destination.

So why listen to people who are not you, people who have different perspectives as yours? Some of us are being deprived back because of the things that other people say about us, because of the background that we come from, because of the society that we live in and people around us. Who said you can’t be a doctor, charted accountant or a famous singer because you do not have people owning such professions in your family and the society you live in? Your background does not determine your destination. You are different, you are unique and that should be enough to fuel you into following your dreams.

Believe in yourself, believe in your abilities and that is the most important aspect of success. Your personal confidence is a key role towards your success. Focus more on your strengths while you also manage your weaknesses. Do not let the fear of what others say or think of you have an effect on you. You let them talk, let them laugh as much as they can. But never give them the satisfaction of seeing you failing, such people shouldn’t even matter in our lives.


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