Sometimes, we are judged based on the type of clothes that we wear and sometimes, we are judged by the type of shoes we put on our feet. Sometimes, we are judged based on the type of grammar that we use to impart our messages on people either orally or in our writings.

Other people would even perceive those people who put on simple clothes with a pair of a patapata as being from a poor background, cheap, broken and whatsoever picture they may see in them. On the other hand, they tend to see those who wear fancy clothes and expensive shoes, the so-called Timberland, Supra, and others as being from good backgrounds and even rich.

Those are the types of people who don’t even know that being rich is not based on having fancy things in your life or coming from a well-to-do background, but rather it is based on of a person’s heart.
Judge people based on their hearts if you want to know how rich someone is. If people are good-hearted, that means they are rich. This includes your parents, guardians, friends and other people who are so close to you.
Remember, clothes and how people look in your eyes does not define who someone is.