Everything in this world has a purpose. It might seem worthless, but the fact is that everyone plays a vital role in this Earth. People should appreciate what they have and always be grateful. As human beings, we are different in many ways. We are all created by the same God, but we do have some variations. Not all things are perfect, adorable and probably the best. But trust me; there is only that one thing that makes one to be exceptional, regardless of a family background and other problems. Everyone is unique and gifted in some way.

Once upon a time, there was a girl from a poor family and sadly, people around her never thought or believed the strength the girl had. She spent her childhood trusting in the Lord that one day she could change her family’s circumstances. Even though it was a challenge, she had good self-esteem. Confidence, determination and perseverance kept her going. Her world might not be nice or glamorous for now, but she had hopes and goals. That is the only thing that mattered during the miserable days of her life. People wouldn’t stop judging and talking behind her back; it just got worse in her teens. Some days she came back from school crying because of her peers. It was so tough for her and her family. Her folks did not get the chance to be educated to live the life they dreamt of, but they always reminded her to love and respect both young and old.

Sometimes she felt helpless, as a few of her friends had succeeded in their lives. Things were coming together for them, but not for her. Life happened in a way that there were dark moments, but she kept on seeking the light. During all that, she stood still, waiting on the Lord to answer her payers as it is declared that God always hears those who ask Him. Time and years went by and she finally grew into a mature, beautiful lady. Eventually, she managed to reach her goals with the help of her family and through education and now circumstances were different.

A while back, the lady seemed to be powerless to such an extent that those who were around her belittled the person she was. They were so sure that she was not capable of changing her life one way or another, but she proved all of them wrong. She studied and worked hard in University, following the career of being a doctor. It was amusing and amazing. I admire her strength, as it was not a walk in the park to be where she is today. Along the way to her success, she lost a lot of things such as friends and those she counted on, but her faith kept her going.

I have learned not to judge a book by its cover as the chapters of the book and the author might be wonderful as one gets to know more about it. All things in the past do not determine the future. It takes courage to stand up and fight for what you want. Having the ability to win the battle is the most precious thing. One might be physically taken for granted because of height, race and appearance, only to find that the motive is to serve the purpose, obviously doing all that with great pleasure. Attitude and behaviour can take a person to places that they have never been. It also takes a positive mind-set to fulfil the dreams as well as what the heart desires. In life, we should stand together to turn the world into a better place that will be meaningful.