Ever since Robert Gabriel Mugabe had been president in 1980, our beautiful country had been under siege. Everything became worst when he introduced sanctions. White people were evicted after he claimed they were stealing land in Zimbabwe. Businesses went down, commodity became expensive and if you were poor you suffered. A lot of Zimbabweans are in debt with schools and hospitals because they cannot afford it. They used the US dollar after Switzerland couldn’t print our money due to debts between the two countries.

“This is my Zimbabwe,” he said.

He even advised other leaders not to look at Zimbabwe, because they “don’t belong here”.

“Blair, keep your British and I take my Zimbabwe.”

Investors were cautious to do business in Zimbabwe. The country was on edge of collapsing. Many people lost their jobs, due to companies closing down. People began to suffer because there wasn’t a source of income. Many migrated to other countries so that they could support their families.

Everything including food was expensive the poorest families could not afford it. Food was imported which made it expensive but the president didn’t care or give a damn.

Children go to school but they couldn’t afford to pay fees due to financial problems. There wasn’t any money in the banks. People slept at banks, waiting for it to open so that they could get cash to pay their rent and bills.

The Eco Cash which is an account where people could shop and pay their pills but people aren’t happy with it, they wanted money, not the Eco Cash transaction. Eco Cash is banking money on the phone which uses a sim card called Buddie or Econet.

Meanwhile, ministers and leaders were found with millions of cash, which was supposed to be distributed to the clients of different banks.

People were devastated when schools made the rule of no receipts, no entering the classroom. Only a few students were found in classrooms. Parents gathered up and made a cry to the authorities. The government decided that government schools will allow children in school even if they didn’t pay. At the end of Grade 7 the school would want their money or else the child will not get their grade 7 results which will help you to advance to Form 1.

Robert would travel to Singapore for medical treatment and he was in the old age. It’s not him only who needs medical attention. A lot of people in Zimbabwe are suffering from diseases that need expert specialists.

UNICEF and MSF wanted so much to help the country after they found millions infected with HIV. When the organizer of MSF had a chance to open in a high-density area in Dombo, Epworth, many could get medicine but it still didn’t help those with serious deficiencies. They still needed to attend government hospitals, many died without being seen by doctors. They died in the queue. Many couldn’t pay for burials to bury their loved ones.

Since Robert Gabriel Mugabe was president he had his cronies whom he rewarded for loyalty. They would gain land, money and other wealth like owning businesses. I am sure they didn’t want to lose everything.

Many died in the reign of Robert Mugabe and some are still missing. He killed people who voiced our cries. He saw that what he was doing was bad, but being in power made him like a devil, smiling and laughing while people suffer. I still don’t remember where my favourite uncle went. It was in 2008 when everyone was forced to vote. I was over 18 but I didn’t vote all the leaders are corrupt. That wasn’t the only reason I never voted, Mugabe always wins no matter how many voted. I think he would make sure the count of his votes is higher than other parties. He threatened them. My uncle wanted his voice to be heard. Men in black suits abducted him while we were shopping in OK Supermarket. It was the worst day for my aunt and her children. They cried for him but he never returned. His body might be thrown to crocodiles in a dam so he will never be found. His children survived growing up without a father’s presence. They all migrated to South Africa because they were afraid Mugabe cronies will come for them.

A pastor from His Generation has faced a lot of difficulties living in this country. He went against Robert Mugabe, he decided he made his group This Flag and made his cries be heard. He was arrest so many times. I think they had also tried to kill him but a man of God is most feared. He migrated overseas but came back again. He didn’t give up. A lot of Zimbabweans were putting their hope in him.

Emmerson Mnangagwa was the Vice President but got fired because they wouldn’t agree on one thing. He got sick and migrated.

Who is Emmerson Mnangagwa?

He is known as the Crocodile in the army and also a former vice president of Zimbabwe.

Who knew what Emmerson was planning? I am sure no one because everyone was hopeless but tried to make meet. It’s said he had spoken with the defense force which led to held Robert Mugabe hostage at the state house.

He was assigned to resign or to be given to the people. Zimbabweans have a good sense of humour. If he was thrown to the people, he would have died. The country deeply cries in agony spending days marching, peaceful, hopeful the president would resign.

Saturday the whole country marched down the street of Harare CBD singing songs holding posters “ MUGABE MUST GO” “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” “ THANK YOU ZDF

They held the Zimbabwean flag singing songs.

The defense force has been in communication with Emmerson Mnangagwa, they gave Robert Mugabe a deadline. The ruthless president decided to give a speech on Sunday evening but basically, he said,

“I forgive you. I hear you. I am still president, see you in Congress. Goodnight.”

All who had their eyes on television were shocked. He is too old to remember what he ate last night. He couldn’t even dress properly because his wife had left him to deal with the commotions. It made the country angry, Robert Mugabe doesn’t see the wrong he does nor does he listen to the voice of the people.

“Enough is enough”

The next day the wait for the deadline, 12 pm on Monday, Mugabe still didn’t resign. The defense force decided to impeach him out. He had been removed from the ZANU PF.

The University students decided to march that they won’t write exams while he is president. People are angry luckily the army saved them. What I don’t get is why they didn’t do it years ago. 37 years of struggling and agony is a long way.

It came to a shock on Tuesday afternoon 3 pm when a lawyer revealed his resignation. Zimbabweans were full of joy. Cars hooted the whole night, people celebrated as if they had won the lottery. Yes they did, they have won.

Emmerson Mnangagwa has been inaugurated to be the new President of Zimbabwe. He has promised to pay compensation for land grabs and clean up poisoned politics. A lot of people are relying on him for he is the man behind a renewed hope for Zimbabwe.

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