Sushi was a young girl who grew up living with her father and her sister. Her mother died after the birth of her third child but they both didn’t make it. Her dad decided to remarry 5 years after the death of his wife. It wasn’t easy for Sushi to accept this. But she grew up without a mother’s love and so wished that one day she could also be like every other child. Before his father remarried, life was great, Sushi went to school and was doing Grade 10 and her little sister was doing Grade 2.

The stepmother wasn’t who they thought she was. One day she changed on Sushi and showed her true colours. Sushi’s little sister was sold by the stepmother for sex to older men because she wanted money. She was a young child who didn’t know anything about life. Under the supervision of their stepmother, Sushi’s sister was raped. When community members found out they didn’t know what to do so they told the police. The matter wasn’t taken seriously because the stepmom bribed them.

Things were tense at home. Sushi went to school with a broken heart, knowing that she’s leaving her little sister behind to be abused. They also found out that her young sister was HIV positive. She started taking medicine but it wasn’t helping. Sushi knew she had to do better for her sister so she could get them a better life away from the stepmother. Her education was the only chance they had. So she focused on her studies and completed her matric with good marks for the sake of her sister.

Sushi had the passion to study medicine so the she could help those who were in need. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to study further because her stepmom didn’t want to see them prosper. Sushi never gave up. She knew that she wouldn’t suffer forever and one day she’d be a testimony to the world.

Her father was involved in a car accident and died instantly before the ambulance arrived. The wicked stepmom chased them both out of the house and they lived on the streets. They suffered. Sushi needed to make sure that she got treatment for her sister and feed her also. Things were bleak for them.

But one day they got lucky when an American woman went past them and saw their suffering. She couldn’t let them stay on the streets so she took them with her. She did all she could do to help them recover in life. She took them overseas with her and there Sushi carried on with her education.

Today she’s a qualified doctor and her sister is on treatment. They’re both doing well whilst on the other side the stepmother is suffering with no one to lean on.


Tell us what you think: If you were Sushi’s friend at school, what advice would you have given her?