Understanding the unpredictability of love is key to finding a love you feel comfortable making a home in. There wouldn’t be songs about both the highest highs and the lowest lows if we were not meant to experience them all. There will be days when you listen to music that uplifts you, and then there will be days when you listen to the words you are too afraid to say out loud. All of these ups and downs are necessary in this wild ride we call life. If you are only expecting your love to be a fairy tale, then you will only be hurting yourself when your picture-perfect world shatters, and trust me, at some point, we all have to shatter.

The day that you understand that today your heart might be broken, but tomorrow you might meet the love of your life, is the day you are finally ready to accept the love that someone has been waiting to give to you.


Tell us: Do you agree that being heartbroken is a process to finding love?