Technology is a cornerstone of life. Life without technology is not like a bed of roses. Using elearning service at the library changed my life. I come from a deprived family – I don’t even have parents. It was never easy for me to buy data. Since the City of Johannesburg introduced the elearning service I would go to the library every day to check post or vacancies online using their computers.

Computers with free internet
I used this service to check vacancies from different companies. The first time I heard about this service from my library I became so excited and I had hope that my dream will come true. Last year I used their computers to send my CV looking for job in different provinces. I’m so excited that in 2018 I got a part-time job thanks to the elearning service. I’m working my part-time job while doing my bachelor of arts at UNISA. Before the elearning service, life was not easy like it is now. This service also allows us to us their computers for free. City of Johannesburg is the one knows how to eradicate poverty and unemployment.

Elearning classrooms
I used this service to study during examination time. The place accommodate us by they have enough chairs, tables and textbooks. I remember the day I had to attend my exams when I did not have text book. I went to one of the librarians and she taught me about this service. I went there and they borrowed the text books I needed but under the condition that I wouldn’t use it at home because I might lose it. I passed my exams with distinctions. Thank you, City of Johannesburg.

Techno-literacy training
I remember the day I decided to go to Gauteng to spend my life in Johannesburg and rebuild my career. I did not know how to use a PC or do typing. I went to the library and attended some classes on how to use the computer. I learnt everything from these techno classes. Now I am not scared I do everything on my own without any assistance. I’m so proud of being a City of Johannesburg citizen – my life changed so fast.

Free wi-fi
Free wi-fi helped me a lot at school. They take a lot of time to deliver our study materials while the closing date of submission is around the corner. I used to go to library and download my study material to my phone and start doing my assignments early. I used to google, downloading, and researched using the free wi-fi.

Access to books
We can borrow books without paying a cent. Books are so expensive we can’t afford to buy them even the newspapers we got them free without paying like other libraries. I also feel comfortable when I’m around the City of Johannesburg because everything is simple.

Thank you City of Johannesburg. You’re helping to alleviate poverty – I am the proof of that. I hope I can go out and encourage young people like me that we can do it.

* This essay was submitted as part of the City of Johannesburg Libraries eLearning Essay Writing Competition. It was selected as the first runner-up in the competition.