Education is the key to all doors. They say ‘patience is victory’, meaning in order to succeed you need to be patient. So don’t ever lose hope. Education comes with many opportunities in life and so you need to be patient at all times.

Some children end up tempted by the evil spirits; they start to drink alcohol, smoke drugs, these are harmful substances to their health. In life you must have a purpose because the road to success has many challenges. These challenges are meant to be solved and conquered, so you must not give up, keep trying.

It is important to follow orders and you must always respect and love one another. At school you must work hard and working hard always brings good results. When you are in Grade 7, 8 you have to plan your future, planning is the first step to take in order to make good decisions.

Studying before exams is important. Anyone who wants to succeed in life must have a dream in mind and must be driven by that dream. Cheating is a popular activity in South Africa and it’s very bad. Some children fail because they cheat. How can you succeed in life if you are always cheating? People should learn to do their own work and stop copying from others.

Children do not want to write their own work but they like to copy. That’s why the failure rate is so high. Most of the children do not study at home as they spend a lot of time chatting on their phones. Some spend a lot of time watching television.

Good kids respect elderly people and do their work. They can pass matric if they work hard and enrol at higher institutions.

I wrote this essay to encourage you not to give up on education because the simple fact is that education is the golden key to success, so study hard and you will reap good results.


Tell us: Do you agree with the author that “some children fail because they cheat”?