“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

The term education originated from a Latin word, educatum. E implies progress from within, and duco means progressing. Literally, education is defined as becoming developed or progressing from inside to outside. Education improves four physical and mental basic aspects in a human, which are knowledge, morality, spiritual, and cultural background. Education is an invaluable human right and one of the most fundamental rights. Yet, many people cannot access this basic opportunity that every person is entitled to.

The right to education is a fundamental right which not only aims to raise people’s awareness and enhance knowledge of their surrounding environment, but also seeks to inculcate values from different cultures and ultimately universal values. It is, therefore, through education that one’s personality is modeled. It develops the right attitude and habits that are acceptable to society. Furthermore, it is through education that empathy, sympathy, love, and reason grows and matures in children as they grow into respectable individuals. Moreover, education helps in the development of linguistic abilities, enabling them to communicate and learn motor control to fulfill their individual needs. Indeed, education is a fundamental asset that humanizes people in their relation to one another, to those under their protection, and ultimately to the collective relationships that they have within societies. It helps in determining what is good or bad, and they are able to stop the bad whilst perpetuating the good, which is an essential for every community and the world over. Moreover, individuals continue to learn throughout their lifetime as education really has no boundaries, and also as the saying goes, ‘we learn something new each day’. Education entails a gradual and continuous development from birth till death. This gradual development is necessary for the world and ultimately contributes to a better community where people can live in harmony.

Pluto points out that education is the greatest tendency to civilize people. The essence of a competitive and thriving society is embodied in the number of people who have access to education. This is so because education promotes self-expression as well as self-confidence, and this coupled with years of attaining knowledge, individuals become innovative and start improving their surroundings. They also start to collectively share their knowledge to improve their societies and their individual status. This is very evident in the medicines that have been developed to combat a lot of diseases, automobiles to move us from one point to the other, and the different technologies we use in our day to day lives. I believe education draws out the best in a child and in man. It harmonizes the diversity that is embodied in every individual to produce a perfect world suitable for everyone.