Maturity came into our lives and contaminated our minds with jealousy, hatred, rage, and resent. It destroyed our way of thinking in every part of our brains, including the cerebellum. Our mental capacities are beyond our own understanding, and that has a negative impact on our eternal friendship. We attempted everything in our abilities to rebuild our dead friendship but some of us are filled with aversion towards our six years of friendship. Some of us are even relieved to see our friendship falling apart. “Macope” is our friendship name that is perishing and vanishing in front of our eyes.

Katlego Bodibe, Norman Sibambo, Bongani Sibambo, Remember Shibambu, Tumelo Lesele, and Patrick Mogapi. What is happening with our friendship? Why do we smother our friendship with unbearable words? How can we allow our so-called ‘feelings’ to lead us astray? We all promote dishonesty; we allow pride to stay in our minds. We allow girls to invite deviance into our friendship. What kind of friends are we? We say good things to our faces but speak badly about each other behind our backs.

We used to combat anything that came as a threat to our friendship. Now, we allow everything with power to pound our friendship further into the ground. Indeed, friendship is such a strange thing: we find ourselves feeling nothing towards our six years of friendship, as if it never existed.

Nobody feels like questioning our silence; nobody gives a damn about the memories we have; nobody feels like reminiscing about the past. I wonder if any of us will ever give our friendship another chance, so that it can gain power to leave the intensive care unit. Everyone seems to be reluctant; nobody wants to make a move to save our dead friendship. Repentance has never killed a soul; we don’t have to repress our emotions.

We just have to allow God to reunite our hearts, to heal, and to take away all of the darkness inside of us. Pride must be left behind. Harmony will lead us to the righteous path. I am not a saint, but I have decided to break the silence. I can’t take another day with silence breathing down my neck. I acknowledge my mistakes because I yearn to see my friends again.

I yearn to share with them all the hardships that I face every day and the problems that I encounter every week. Distance may have separated us but it can never tear apart our friendship if we don’t let it. Let’s attempt to rebuild our friendship, for we have nothing to lose.

Tell us: Have you ever had a relationship/friendship torn apart by distance? How did that make you feel?