During the testimonies time at Church.

Pastor Johny stood up and said “I have been abundantly blessed with a wonderful wife whom I love dearly”
People in the church started to whisper about him and some people were excited as he spoke.
And again he said “I take my kids to expensive school and they have the privilege of private tutors. Twice every year I take my family abroad for a refreshing holiday. Last year alone unconditionally, I gave to the needy a whopping R3.3 Million’.”

All church attenders are very surprised and they said the pastor must be extremely rich. Pastor Johny tried to make them to believe in God.

“I was able to do in the name of God because I am blessed and i need to be a blessing to others” he said. One of church member, she walked behind from him and ask him for pray with her. Pastor Johny said to her “I am not God but God is realized what you want from him, you can pray wherever you are without me.”

Then that woman went back to her sit and started to pray her own way. Pastor Johny he looked at the church’s roof sand and shook his head. And He said “next year, I intend to rebuild this church with R2 million.” To conclude when testimonies time was nearing an end he said “God has been great and I love all of you in this church.”

Some members were sitting and said amongst themselves that it was touching testimony that proves the greatness of God while others it was a classic case of self-praise and showboating.