Failure is a test

A lot of times in life we often fail. Instead of being dismayed and losing hope when you fail, you should regard failure as a test. There is no way you could expect to go through life without being tried and tested. Think of an example of gold. Gold goes through fire in order to test if it’s pure gold or not. Similarly with us as humans, we ought to go through different tests, and one of them is failure.

Failure is a way of teaching you more about yourself and how you react to difficult circumstances and obstacles. The kind of attitude you hold is very important when you are faced with something. Failure is also a test of character. This means that if you fall apart when things don’t go well for you, then it means you have a weak character. On the other hand, if you look at a test with a positive attitude it means you have a strong character.

When you regard failure as a test, this means that you will take it as a learning curve and tell yourself how you can do better next time. Failing also tests your patience. This means that you have to be willing to sit down and calculate your steps and recount where you could have gone wrong and also plan your task and strategize your action plan.

Have Hope

Most times when you have failed it is easy for a person to throw in the towel and be despondent. When you go through failure, it’s important to have hope. Have hope that you will do better next time. For example, I applied for a learners license, and I booked for a test which was scheduled to be written on the 15th of January 2018. Before the test, I spent time practising and studying. On the day of the test I held the belief that I was prepared.

I was nervous because it was my first time to write. After I was marked I crossed my fingers and hoped that I would be successful. However, things did not go according to plan; I failed the test. So, I asked myself what failing could mean for me. One important factor I considered is that it’s important that I never lose heart, and therefore I should have hope. My encouragement to you is to never lose hope and always believe things will work out better next time, like I did. I told myself that I was going to try again by booking for the test on the 14th of February 2018.

Dust yourself off and try again

There is a famous song I used to listen to on the radio. It’s a song by Aliyah, and the song says dust yourself and try again. This song holds a very important message, which is to never give up. Imagine that you have fallen, and you fell at a very muddy place. One of the first actions is to stand up. Similarly, in life when you fail it’s important that you pick yourself up again. The second action that you do when you have fallen is to dust yourself. This means that in life you try to let go and throw away everything that is keeping you down.

You unlearn everything that is holding you back. The last action is trying again. It’s one of the most difficult actions because you are filled with the thoughts of uncertainty. You are filled with doubts, doubts of whether it is worth it, and worst of all you could be paralysed by fear. But, I want to encourage you to keep trying again. Trying again is a sign of bravery. It takes courage to go for something that you have failed once at. But the good thing about trying again, it always results in success. So keep trying and trying again.

Success delayed is not success denied

There is a saying that success delayed is not success denied. This is a very prominent statement. I must say I don’t know who said these words, but they are very important. Imagine a graduate, a graduate who is working hard to get a job, only to find they are met with closed doors. It takes a while for them to get where they need to be. Despite all those circumstances they end up getting what they have been looking for. Even on the road to success it’s like that, the fact that the doors are closed on you does not mean you will not get to be where you need to be in life.

Dream a new dream

One day, I was reading a book by Joel Osteen, Become a better you. In the book he alluded to the fact that we don’t get to reach our dreams sometimes in our lives. It happens that things fall apart. But I liked when he said we must dream a new dream. The fact that you did not get to be an engineer does not mean it’s the end of the world. Sit down and think what else you can accomplish in your life.

Imagine a seed. A seed goes under the ground. In the ground it is dark and muddy. The seed does not get a feeling that it needs to move just because it’s under those circumstances. The lovely part is that the seed remains in the ground until it germinates. Similarly, in our lives we must endure tough times and embrace the process we are going through.

It’s through that we will learn that struggles don’t last forever. Dreams never fade. There is always a second chance, a moment to do better again. Dreaming again shows you never to give up. To those whose plans have failed, dream a new dream. To a drop-out, don’t give up because you will make it when you try again.

Dreams never fade

In life it happens that you don’t always get to where you need to be, so my message to you is that you may fail, but your dream is not lost. It may take a while to achieve your goals but don’t worry, the dream that is planted in your heart will never fade. It will become a reality.


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