Thabo comes from a poor family. Thabo and his mother own a spaza shop. One day his mother goes to Kwa-Zulu Natal and a big mess happens while she is gone.


Thabo is a quiet boy, he and Sphiwe are very good friends. His mother is a hardworking woman. Thabo’s father died when he was only 3 weeks old. So it’s just him and his mother.


One day Thabo was going home from school. Obakeng and his friends rushed to Thabo and started to bully and tease him. They called Thabo “fatty”. His friend Sphiwe came to the rescue. He told Obakeng and his friends to back off.


They went home and Thabo’s mother asked him to help her at the spaza but he said he is sick. His mother told him to rest.

After a while his mother caught him crying. His mother asked, “What is wrong my boy?” He said, “nothing mom,” and his mother then left his room.


The next morning his mother got a call. It was from the hospital, they said that Thabo’s grandmother is sick. Thabo’s mother had to go to Kwa-Zulu Natal. So she left immediately.


Sphiwe came to Thabo’s house. He found Thabo watching TV and it was very dirty at the house.

Sphiwe told Thabo to host a house party. Thabo refused but Sphiwe told him that this could be a way that Thabo can ask Onalirona to be his girlfriend. After hearing that Thabo agreed.


Thabo and Sphiwe invited many people including Obakeng and his friends.

The party began at night. People where happy but Thabo was not because he doesn’t drink alcohol. Sphiwe forced Thabo to drink. Thabo drank and drank until he was very drunk. Obakeng and his friends stole the stock at the spaza.


In the morning Thabo was surprised and scared about what his mom will say about this. He called Sphiwe and he was also surprised.

Thabo received an SMS from his mother saying “my child I’m coming tomorrow, I hope everything is fine”. After they read the message they got really scared.


Thabo went to school. At school he met Obakeng and his friends, Thabo got really scared.

Sphiwe came with good news. He told Thabo that he has the money to buy the stock. Thabo was very happy but it was too late.

When they arrived home they found Thabo’s mother at the spaza shop. She was so angry and disappointed. Thabo was frightened by his mother’s return.


His mother shouted, “Thabo, you are a disappointment! You are foolish just like your father!” Thabo tried to apologise but his mother told him to go away.

Thabo went to Sphiwe’s house and found Sphiwe crying but Thabo made it worse. He shouted at Sphiwe saying that it was his idea to host the house party.

Sphiwe ran inside the house and left Thabo alone.


When Thabo was on his way home, he saw Obakeng.

He started running until he fell down and then he stood up. Obakeng was headed towards Thabo, Thabo didn’t run away he stood still to hear what Obakeng wanted to say.


Obakeng apologised to Thabo. He was very surprised because Obakeng is the famous kid in the neighbourhood and apologised to a poor kid like him.

Thabo forgave Obakeng. Obakeng brought back the stock and Thabo was so relieved.


He went back to Sphiwe and apologised to him. Sphiwe forgave him. Thabo told Sphiwe what Obakeng did and Sphiwe was so surprised.

Sphiwe and Thabo went to Thabo’s home and found his mother cooking. They both apologised and she forgave them.


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