It was 10 years ago, but I remember the day so clearly. I hopped out of the van and felt the wind rush all over me, making me feel fresh. My stomach had butterflies and in my hands I carried my hopes and dreams. I was auditioning to become an actress in a show.

I rushed into the audition line as I saw 100s of hopeful faces standing nervously in front on me. So many people with the same dream but, I wanted it so badly and I just had to have it, because I couldn’t see me doing anything else that I loved as much as I loved acting.

After hours of waiting it was finally my turn. I took a deep breath and walked towards my destiny. My dreams all lay in the hands of a stranger. This was it, this was my time to shine, nothing could take that moment from me or so I thought. Unfortunately, I wasn’t what they were looking for and that for me was a no, that for me was a stranger telling me that I wasn’t good enough. My 14 year old heart could not take that rejection. I was crushed.

I cried for days thinking that I was not good enough. I wanted to be a part of something different, something special, that would make me feel special and included. I wanted to act on stage and that for me was my biggest dream. At that time and moment, I remember thinking that it would never come true, my first rejection really broke me. I was in a state and I couldn’t tell myself it was going to be ok because I didn’t know if it would be, but one person who can always is my mum.

She came into my room and whispered, “It’s going to be OK baby.”

I cried and she held me.

“What if I never become an actress that someone is looking for? What if I never am included in a show?”‘ I asked still sobbing.

“Then you do your own show and you show the world that dreams do come true.”

My mum being a single parent and me being 14 at the time couldn’t afford to do a show, but she gave me a box and she told me to start saving. I decorated my box and it became my motivational box. I would save money whenever I could. It wasn’t much but it was the stepping stone towards me getting my dreams.

Ten years later I’m proud to say that I had my own show and I acted in films as well. So, you might think that your first rejection is the end of the road for you, but you fight until you achieve your goal. Get a motivational box. You have to plant a seed and water it daily for it to grow.

Don’t reach for the stars, become one!