Hard work is the best way to fulfil your dream. Education has its own big role to change your life, from zero to hero. When you always pray on top of things that you do, to make it became reality, it the best weapon from God to fight all obstacles.
Everyone has their own story
My name is Wezeka Jan, born 14 March 1991. I was raised by my grandmother in Mount Fletcher in the Eastern Cape. My mother abandoned me at the age of four. She left me to my grandmother. Being raised by my grandmother was the sweetest and most precious thing ever, until my grandmother passed away in 2008. That is when my life changed. I realised I had to become a mother at a young age. I was only eight years old when my father passed away and it was not easy to live with family members.

I was forced to fight for my education to study hard but things turned out badly when I fell pregnant, and I was a learner at school and a mother to my child. But I prayed to God to help me pass my Grade 12 so that I could study further and provide for my little one. Indeed, I passed my matric but I couldn’t further my studies because I was forced to get a job so that I could provide for my child. I did take some short courses to gain experience and a good job.

And I am still willing to get some opportunities like learnerships in acting, IT or electrical engineering. I want to thank my school Usasazo High School, social workers and some people who contributed in my life and made me someone. My child now is going to turn nine years old this year and he’s going to do Grade 4.

Don’t lose hope if you don’t have parents to support you. Go out there and seek help from right people and don’t forget to pray. Education is the weapon you can use to strike your problems. Alikho iqili eli zikhotha umhlane, umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu (No man is an island, I’m because we are).


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