“Melissa, it’s time to wake up,” I woke up startled.

Pheww, it was granny calling me once again. But this time I took my own time to get out of bed and get ready for school. This was the day I was going to leave this place!

“I hope her mom said yes,” I muttered to myself.

So I’m Melissa, but everyone calls me Mills. I’m a foster child that lives with my friend Zuzu’s granny and my younger sister Michaela. We’ve been living with her for the past few months and it’s been great until it changed recently. I guess all good things needs to come to an end. I got ready as fast as lightning, not wanting to be late for school. School was a place where I felt at home, like I belonged.

Lilo was the first familiar face I saw when I got to school. Lilo was the quiet one of our group of friends, whereas I was the more spontaneous one. Momo was the sporty type and Abby the perfectionist. But despite our personality and moral differences, we meant the world to each other.

“Morning baby,” Lilo greeted me with a hug.

“Did you ask your mom?” I asked skeptically.

“Yeah I did,” she said, suddenly excited.

I waited anxiously for her next words.

“She said yes silly, you’re moving in today!”

“Whoop!” I jumped up and down in ecstasy while thanking her over and over again with tears in my eyes. I easily forgot that I was actually still on school premises.

“Calm down girl,” she said with a broad smile on her face. At that exact moment the rest of the girls arrived and joined in the excitement when they heard the good news.

The rest of the school day was a rush of emotions, excitement and drama. While walking home with my younger sister after school, I told her that we were moving that same day. A bit worried and nervous, she agreed. When I got home I thanked granny, because despite her imperfections, she was a good person at heart and a wise elderly woman too. We packed, ate and checked if we’ve packed everything, then left.

I was excited to go to our new place to call home, although I was a bit cautious too and nervous. My heart was thumping so load, I had to take a few deep breaths to call down.

Knock, knock.

We waited for someone to open the door .With a smile on her face, Lilo’s mom opened the door. Just then our days of doom were over and this lady was indeed our hero. The first thing she did was hug us and call us to her room to discuss a few rules and regulations.

“Please don’t look so nervous, I’m only human. The two of you are my new children. Remember I’m blessed to have you girls here as part of my household. I even think Lilo is happier seeing that she’ll now have two other siblings, thank God that finally changed. From now on you are my responsibility and children. I hope you guys will be able to settle in fast enough though,” mom said smiling.

“You might even ask yourself why I have taken it upon myself to raise you girls further. Just know that I know how you guys feel and I won’t ever turn my back on you,” she happily chatted further.

Just then I knew this lady right here with the heart of gold was going to be my reason for succeeding in life. I just knew it!

She literally saved me from making unwise decisions that could’ve cost me my entire future. Her act of courage, the fact that she looked past the fact that she may be judged or rumours spread about her, she did what she believed was right. Thanks to her act of courage, I’ll be able to follow my dreams and reach my goals, and therefore I’ll forever be thankful to my hero.