At times I wish I had known earlier just how selfish guys can be. I mean how is it that we girls are okay with coming second to them, yet they want us to make them our first priorities.

They expect us to be just okay with them dating other girls. They treat relationships as open relationships, yet when we girls do that it tends to be a problem. And what amazes me each time such things happen is that whenever, as a girl, you find out that your boyfriend cheated, instead of approaching him, you attack the other girl.

You never even think for a moment that maybe she may be just a victim of your boyfriend’s lies, just as you are. It’s enough now; as a result of us girls tolerating men who cheat on us and constantly make us feel like we are not good enough, let me tell you, sis, you are not the problem, he is.

So stop making excuses for him when he cheats, you deserve way better than that. You deserve someone who will accept your fragility and still treat you with the utmost respect and appreciate you. You don’t need to be with someone who will be making you feel like you need to do more just for him to notice you.

So stop giving these boys so much power over you sisters. Boys, that’s what they are, for real men know how to treat women. Hence let’s stop compromising our happiness for the sake of keeping the other person happy. Don’t let these guys be happy at the expense of your own happiness.

You girls should be in relationships that helps you grow, that builds both parties, not one that breaks you. One that breaks you to a point where you feel the urge to do everything it takes to keep a person who doesn’t treat you right. That’s not healthy darlings. Don’t be with a guy who makes you feel like you have to compete with other girls for his attention. Don’t let these guys kill the little confidence you had in yourself. A person that loves you will never put you in a position whereby you doubt your worth.

It’s time we teach these guys how we really want to be treated. Remember that you are all beautiful in your own way, you don’t need to be feeling jealous and competing with one another, instead you all should motivate and help build each other.


Tell us: Do you agree that women shouldn’t be competing each other over a man?