Kayley was a young girl who grew up living with both of her parents. Everything was fine for her, she received everything that she needed. She couldn’t wait to get to the age of sixteen. She felt that sixteen was the age of freedom, the age to do anything she wanted and that’s where life begins.

In June 2016, after she got her ID, since in South Africa you get your ID when you’re 16, she told herself that she was a woman. She was now responsible, she even had a boyfriend. She loved this guy so badly that she even gave away her virginity to him. She thought that this guy would be the guy for her and that they would share a lot of years together. But apparently, things didn’t go the way they were planned, when the guy decided to get another girl and dumped her.

Life was just a mess for her, just because of the age of 16.

She thought that it was the end of the world for her, but she stayed strong, and what happened became a lesson of her life. A year passed by and she was 17. She saw that her friends were happy and enjoying life, so she also wanted to live life to the fullest like her friends. She found a guy, and she thought that this guy would change her life, since things were not good for her. But the guy was there to destroy her more and to ruin her reputation. She ended up dating different kinds of guys and she made sure that she slept with them.

She started dating ‘Blessers’ for money, because she felt as if her parents didn’t give her enough. And at the age of 17 she was already through a lot. One day she woke up in the morning and saw that the world was about to end and God was seriously coming back. She got frightened by the death of people in this world, she saw that her life wasn’t stable and it was about time she changed her life. She cried to God, asking for a way that will lead her to purity. She cried hoping that she could forget what she had gone through.

She never gave up on her life. Now she’s in the battle of fulfilling God’s work, and she wants to be a testimony of the world. She wants to find lost souls and build them up again. She believes that God will never leave her, but will always be right by her side. Just like she also made a promise to herself that she will never leave God’s presence, but stay under his covenant for ever until death takes her to heaven where she belongs.

She doesn’t want to go back to her old doing but wants to do what is good and a blessing to God’s eyes instead of people’s eyes. She wants to grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally. She’s on a journey of being God’s anointed and perfected one.


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