I’ve learnt that, no matter what, life goes on. Never let people’s words get into your head because, in the end, you’ll regret it. You should always follow your dreams no matter what, and you need to do it because you will always get people who want to bring you down and discourage you.

Sometimes people will make you feel very little about yourself, but you should never let their words get to. You must always say to yourself “I can do this! And I won’t let people’s words discourage me and make me feel little about myself. I will follow my dreams no matter what.”

In the end, everyone will see you shine and think about all the things they said to you. The only way you can accomplish your dream is if you let go of those kinds of people. They are just going to bring you down and discourage you, and they will make sure that your dreams never come true. I haven’t experienced this yet, but I know that there are people like that. So, follow your dreams and keep on shining!


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